A note from our CEO

Growbot family,

March 30, 2015, marked the first day of the best job I’ve ever had. My rationale for founding Growbot was simple: people feel woefully underappreciated at work. This lack of appreciation is bad for people and companies—it leads to low productivity, unhappiness, and untapped potential.

You are the cultural trail blazers. You are the one making a difference on your team EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Growbot owes it to you to build a product, brand, and company that matches your passion for culture (and fun). And today I'm excited to announce the next step in our journey with the launch of Disco. We feel strongly that Disco embodies our mission to celebrate people and build deeper relationships at work.

We’ve all felt the power of appreciation. That magical moment when someone recognizes the hard work you’ve put into a presentation, lines of code, or that deal that just closed. But we’ve also experienced the more frequent feeling of being overlooked, ignored, or disconnected from the team.

With Growbot, hundreds of thousands of people have given and received recognition across 20,000 companies. It warms my heart thinking of each and every person who feels a bit more appreciated and a little more connected to their team. We’re honored to be part of how your team recognizes each other’s work. I’m also excited for you to reap the rewards of the investment in your people that Growbot represents. Our most active customers have seen an 8.6% increase in employee NPS and 4.2% reduction in voluntary employee turnover.

To celebrate Disco, I’m offering our earliest cultural trail blazers an extended 30 day trial coupled with a 12 month discount of 50% off.

The Disco team is committed to building culture-changing products. Please take the 30 days to decide if Disco strengthens your company culture. I sincerely appreciate your early support. It's been an honor to help you celebrate your people.

Let’s Disco!

Jeremy Vandehey
CEO of Disco (formerly Growbot)